Welcome to paradise, where heaven and earth meet.

Sylt is Sea. Passion. Life.

Sea. Passion. Life.

Take those duties and deadlines and cage them in a closet. Pack your bags to the brim with your unbound desire for discovery. Breathe in the lightness that evolves a smile into laughter and strangers into friends.

Aim for a thousand stars, fly across the wadden sea on cloud nine and pick the raisins out of the frisian cake. Onwards through the heather - barefooted or in high heels. Or maybe in wellies. Redefine freedom and write your own rules. Live your dream. Traditionally, unconventionally, individually. Sylt is looking forward to your visit.

The island

There are as many stories about the island as there are seashells on its beaches. Are they all but a sailors yarn? Or is there a central theme?


More colourful by the dozen: twelve unique villages shape the face of the island. 


When life is in motion, just like the tides, sometimes things might turn out to be more colourful than expected.

Service & Accommodation

In a nutshell: All the essential information for your Sylt holiday.

Business & Press

Sylt Marketing GmbH - One island. One partner.


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