The Island

The Island

There are as many stories about the island as there are seashells on its beaches. Are they all but a sailor’s yarn? Or is there a central theme?

Sylt is different in a way you just have to experience for yourself

The Island

Hunt for clichés, bag a few and take the booty home with you: instead of being dished up cock-and-bull stories, you can serve your own experiences  -  The selection is quite abundant. Poets and thinkers, seafarers and architects have all left their distinct mark on the island: ranging from useful to bizarre, from widely visible to hidden underground. Sylt allows you to experience nature in entirely new dimensions and the journey through time into the islands past might even give you goosebumps. In any case, there is simply too much to cover for a single holiday. You will have to come back more often. But you’ll probably be inclined to do that anyways…

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While generally not an uncommon sight, Sylt even manages to give ordinary sand its own unique spin: in the form of our ,,wandering dunes’’. Yet botanical biodiversity and a functioning ecosystem require extensive protection

Typically Sylt

Typically Sylt is doing things differently or doing different things altogether.


On Sylt, tradition is treasured and plays a major part in the life of the islanders to this day.