On the beach

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Nearly 25 miles of finest sandy beaches stretching along the west coast, dotted with colourful wicker beach chairs.

On the beach

Roaring surf, the air fizzing like champagne. Your mind set free, your body relaxing, your gaze wandering over the wide open sea.Every now and then a refreshing dip in the sea or a little bit of sports, but always a great deal of fun. Finally, the sky and sea bathed in glorious colours by the setting sun. This is what it’s like, a typical day on the beach on Sylt.

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The ,,Strandkorb'' beach chair

From sun lounger to wind shelter to oversized picnic basket:
The unofficial island landmark truly is a special all-rounder.

Sylt's beaches

On the island of Sylt, everyone can find their place in the sun.

Beach Sauna

On Sylt, the Finnish way of heating up meets the traditional Frisian way of cooling down.