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Sylts wellness & health center provides sun beds without time limit, a stunning view in every direction and an endless wellspring of healthy organic inhalants.

However you’d like to treat yourself on Sylt, the reward stays the same: a rejuvenated mind, body and soul.

Health & Wellness

You don’t need to push yourself to the absolute limits before tending to body and soul: Sylt has a plethora of wellness arrangements and curative treatments on offer that might just be the perfect match. Once in a while letting it all go is anything but lazy. On the contrary, it’s quite clever. So just breathe and relax. Whatever (medical) treatment is necessary; why not spend it within the dunes and heathland right by the ocean – surely, a soothing alternative to skyscrapers and rush hours. Even if it cannot literally be placed in a cupboard, this unique and sustainable souvenir will embellish every single day of yours.

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Allow yourself to be touched by the power of the sea!

Beach Sauna

On Sylt, the Finnish way of heating up meets the traditional Frisian way of cooling down.