When life is in motion, just like the tides, sometimes things might turn out to be more colourful than expected.

Sylt is sea, passion and life – without contrasts life would be way too easy.


Simply be yourself or slip into a new role. Whether you would like to spend an entire wellness weekend on your own or come to Sylt packed with the whole family and sporty ambitions - Whatever you have in mind: you’ll experience a holiday among people who love this island with all their heart. No matter the season, barefoot or in heels. Or even in rubber boots!

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Health & Wellness

Sylts wellness & health center provides sun beds without time limit, a stunning view in every direction and an endless wellspring of healthy organic inhalants.

On the beach

Nearly 25 miles of finest sandy beaches stretching along the west coast, dotted with colourful wicker beach chairs.

Food & Drink

Sylt is famous for its hospitality, even beyond the island’s borders. 

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture in perfect harmony with nature.

Dogs on Sylt

A new adventure for your four-legged friend.

On holiday with a handicap

Enjoy your holiday without stumbling blocks.